Event Organization Software

Plays TV Design Challenge

PlaysTV, a social and video platform for gamers requested designs for a new type of polling application. Video gamers would be able to participate in variable monthly polls for upcoming events. These events, Lan Parties, were tailored to playing video games and testing new program features with friends or colleagues. Similar to platforms like Typeform, Calendly or Doodle, this application needed to gather poll submissions but also allow for management of the events and content of polls. The interesting constraint, design a system which is by nature, not governed by a single individual but instead can be managed by anyone.

The sign up flow, linear and restrained of excess options, get’s the majority of users through the full poll in just a minute or two. Registered users (optional) have the added benefit of custom curated poll selections, automatically choosing options or selections based on past events they’ve attended.

In the designs below, the architecture, UI and summary screens allow for a shared nature of responsibility within the attending group. Notifications and texts would motivate certain users to lead more or less within the curation and management of the event.